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Bhavya Aggarwal

Thanks @Erich for explaining zipBoard so well. Glad that you are getting more done with it :)

@Ezequiel you can find some more of how zipBoard works, in this video: 


In case you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. My email id is bhavya [@] zipboard.co


John Blackmon

ReviewLink is designed responsively, so it will handle the screen size of the iPad without requiring scrolling, you can even review on a phone, although the content would need to scale appropriately as well. And like the others, its launching from the website of the tool rather than using an app.

Aniket Dharia

Sure Matthew - VYAS SYSTEMS is the product owner of Perligo. But howl is developed by a different company based out of UK. 

I meant to say is that, space will soon be filled with a lot of new tools and existing tools providing features to review eLearning content online.


Aniket Dharia

We played around a lot with the existing tools. So the following are the differing factors - 

  1. Speed
  2. Better UI
  3. Better Reports
  4. Better way to segregate issues into types
  5. Chat like feature
  6. Each comment is added to to-do list in the form of a task/tile which can then be moved to Fixed or closed

Rest I guess can be found when the beta is released by mid-may.