Another term for certification

Jul 26, 2012

We're having a bunch of short eLearning courses ocovering aspects of a specific profuct or service (we have two areas like that at the moment, and might have more later, all targeted at the same population) .

We wish to have a certification exam at the end - defining all people who took these as "certified".

But since they are not really certified to do this or that after passing the exam (especially since we cannot say - you are not allowed to this at the moment) - we prefer to have a different term for it.

We have 2 levels basic and advanced. Only part of the audience, based on their roles, are required to take the advanced program (which will not be in an eLearning format). 

Any ideas for terms to replace certification?

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Steve Flowers

I lean towards "completion" in cases where qualification and certification are met with other mechanisms.

For example, almost all of our courses (military vocational specialization) assess based on a performance exam. The school itself does not offer certification or qualification, except in rare cases (like CPR or EMT). The home station / unit of the member has the most stake in the evaluation of readiness, so we leave the judgment of qualification up to them following unit examination boards, check-rides, etc..

If you wanted a stronger phrase than completion, achievement could get it.

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