Another translation request

Following on the heels on Stephen Cope's request for help with  translation assistance, I have a similar request.

We are bidding on a contract that will involve online training courses being delivered in English, Spanish and French (for a French-Canadian audience).  If your company handles Articulate courses in these languages I would be pleased to hear from you to see if you can work with us on this project.  We will supply the English language version of the PowerPoint file and then need it translating into the appropriate language (including Engage interactions, Quizmaker tests, etc.).  After it has been approved by the client we will then arrange for the narration and pass along the sound files so they can be imported and sync'ed up with the course.

If you think you can help, please let me know and I will be in touch.


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Alexandre Aufrere

Hi Andrew,

Your request for help falls right in my field (at least for the French Canadian aspect of your project). I happen to be a French Canadian course developer using Articulate Studio 09. The workflow you propose, including the narration is exactly what I can offer.

PM me with details on your project.