Any gaming experts out there?

My company is exploring the possibility of building a game for customers. We hold a lot of valuable data about their performance which lends itself to friendly competition and some standard game features like a leader board, chat rooms, badges, points, etc. 

We need an expert to talk to that can help us determine if we have what it takes to build a game and then how to do it. 

Anyone out there can help or refer me to someone you know???

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Joshua Roberts

I use the theories of gamification in my E-Learning design, if you would like to discuss any potential project work then please feel free to send me a personal message. It would be great if you could clarify if this is what you're looking for, as Nicholas has pointed out there's a difference with what you're looking for.

Feel free to send me a message if you'd like to find out anything else.

Adele Sommers

Hi, Maree!

I've found folks like Karl Kapp and Ray Jimenez (among several others) to be especially helpful in clarifying gaming and gamification principles. Here's a short list from my references of articles, recorded webinars, and videos:

Article by Karl Kapp: Once Again, Games Can and Do Teach!

Webinar by Karl Kapp: Interactivity, Games and Gamification: Creating Engaged Learners

Webinar by Karl Kapp: Show Me the Numbers — Five Case Studies Illustrating the Effectiveness of Games and Gamification for Learning

Webinar by Ray Jimenez: Push Learners to the Edge with Story-Driven Games

TED talk by Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world

TED talk by Daphne Bavelier: Your brain on video games

Article: The Psychology of Serious Games & Gamification Explored

Article: Game Based Learning – It’s not all leader boards, badges and points; more resources here

Article: Game-Based E-Learning Produces Results

Article: Gamification Versus Pointsification – You Decide

I hope this is helpful!


Adele Sommers

You're welcome, Maree!

There are many other recorded webinars on games, gaming, and gamification (including the ones I listed) in the free TrainingMagazineNetwork archives. Just sign up for an account and then look in the Events/Resources section. You'll also receive regular notices of future webinars on a whole plethora of instructional-design-related topics. It's an invaluable resource!