Any good free chalk board fonts out there

Dec 30, 2011

Are there any great free (I am being Mr Scrooge) chalk fonts out there, I am looking for something like drawzing.

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Gina Hoekstra

What I usually end up doing is to create my text and then save it as a picture (PNG). Then insert the picture and use the PowerPoint artistic effects on it. There are a few good effects in there to do what you are looking for and then of course you can up the effect to make it more or less grain in the effect properties.

Jeanette Brooks

Great tip, Gina!!

Amy - using Gina's idea, below is a quick sample where the text is Arial black and has been reinserted on the slide as a PNG instead of a textbox (to do this, you can right click the textbox and choose Save As Picture, and use the png format ... then use Insert > Picture to insert the png onto your slide).

Once the text is inserted as a png, you can go to the Format tab, choose Artistic Effects, and click Artistic Effects Options, which brings up a window where you can select and fine-tune your options. I used the artistic effect called Pencil Sketch, and chose 10% transparency and a pressure of 1.

Gina Hoekstra

Sorry I did not give more information, I was answering from my phone sitting in a movie theatre last night (waiting for the movie to start)!! haha...

Here is my example. I used a thick text in white, saved it as a png using the right click method and then when I brought the image back in to PowerPoint, I used the Glass Effect and turned it all the way up to 100%.

Hope that helps!

Amy Kesman Rossi

Thanks, Gina and Jeanette! I discovered "text fill" as well, which gives me a similar effect when I use the "newsprint" fill. (Attached; the font is Coming Home ( italicized, if anyone's curious. After all that, the person I'm working with thought the European font I found was too hard to read...and she was probably right, even though it looked cool!)

P.S. That's Tom's chalkboard template from the Downloads section

Amy Kesman Rossi

Sorry about the craving, Jeannette! Aren't you glad I didn't include the crêpe menu?

Gina - I agree about the all-caps, especially with the convention that caps = yelling. In this case, these won't be used in a WBT but rather as 8.5x11 standalone menu signs at our upcoming Paris-themed annual employee party.

Here are two European fonts if anyone's looking for one - I was back and forth between the two: and

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