Any help in a direction to go with this idea for an internet scavenger hunt or anyone want to develop it for me and I will pay you for your time?

I want to create a slide that generates a key term at random (I'd like it to pull the key term from a bank, or pool of terms if possible? So it would randomly select 1 of around 300 terms that are not visible) when the user clicks on a button. Would sort of just look like, push button, upon pushing one term shows up. After that a text input box would appear where the user could submit text to me and it would be tracked as complete in the LMS. 

To possibly help you envision the big picture of what I am trying to accomplish I want the term pulled to be the target term for an internet scavenger hunt. I want the input text box that appears for the user after the term is generated at random to be a place they can enter the url of the best resource they found. Thanks for any guidance, and again, if anyone wants to develop the slide I will paypal you for the .story file :)


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