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Bruce Graham

Thanks David.

Is £1m the usual amount for Professional Indemnity?

It seems that we get hit hard if we work Globally, because the systems seem to assume we actually WORK there.

Not quite sure why a company requires indemnity insurance for an ID, it's not as though I am advising them...just taking their own data and converting it to another form.

Hey ho...it's another £500 onto valid expenses I suppose!

Thanks again.


David I

Hi Bruce

I wouldnt buy more than you need to. Say a hundred thousand PI and higher PL. As you say its not like you are going on their servers or making the final decision on mission critical. Presumably you always get client sign off anyway. I would play around with the amounts until it spits outa figure youa re happy with . Unless ofcourse they HAVE specified the amount but I think this is less likely. Some clients just ask the question as part of their due diligence. I.e Have you got it? Yes you have. I would have thought it would be around #150 per year.

Phil Mayor

I asked you this a couple of months ago!  My first client asked me to have £1m PI as part of the agreement.  According to the law ypou only need it if your company has more than one employee, but if they specify you need it well you better have it.

Agree with david should be able to find it for less than that, I got it for approx £12 per month