Any way to print a scene in Storyline?

Nov 16, 2014

For one of my projects I have a scene comprised of variables (text entry results entered from previous slides).  Is there a way that the user can have this particular scene printed, so that they'll have hard copies of their results?  (I've researched possible ways to do this, but so far I've only found instructions for printing test results--which this isn't.)  Thanks!


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Adele Sommers

Hi, Vonetta!

I found these sets of instructions very helpful when playing with something similar, in case you haven't seen them:

1) Stephanie Harnett's "User notes that they can print and email"

2) Owen Holt's "Create a Course Certificate in StoryLine! (with JavaScript and HTML)"

3) Steve Flowers' "Example files: Generating a certificate from Storyline"

Even though some of these examples pertain to certificates, the threads discuss a number of variations of capturing user inputs within variables and then outputting them to a browser window, for example.

Vonetta Booker

Thanks so much, guys!  I'm going to check these options out now.  Matthew, one word: Wow!  Loved your demo, BTW--that's exactly how I have the module set up.  

It's pretty much done, save for the printing configuration.  That being said, can I keep the variables I've already created, or do I have to rename all of them "Q1, Q2," etc. for them to work w/ your setup?  (It would just be a PIA to go back through them all--there are a LOT, lol.)

Vonetta Booker
Matthew Bibby

Glad it helped Vonetta. Yes, you will need to rename the variables to Q1, Q2 etc as this is what the javascript will be looking for. You can rename them all in the Variables window and that should update them in all of the other locations. Give us a yell if you get stuck.

Okay...I'm stuck, LOL! I was on a roll for a minute;  I went through my module, changed all the variables to Q1, Q2, etc. (tedious, but actually made things easier & more organized in the long run), edited the print.html file accordingly, and copied the necessary files over to my published output, per your tutorial. 

Everything looked great--except that for some reason, when I print the workbook, the answers don't show up the way they do in the module; it just says "No response provided" where the answers should be.  Also, when I copy the new JS code from Notebook to the print.html file in my web editor, it inexplicably duplicates all of the variables (e.g. Q1-Q42, then they repeat.)

I'm scratching my head over this--I'm new to JS, so I'm sure there's a step I missed somewhere that's causing this glitch!  Thanks for any "unstuck" you can get me, lol. 

I've attached the .txt file I modified the print.html code in. 

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