Any way to reference objects (ie: images) in Javascript?

Hey guys,

I think I just read every tangentially-related post on this subject for the last five years... I did find someone asking the same question from two years ago, and I know it wasn't possible then, but I was wondering if anyone knows whether the situation has changed?

I'm trying to control the size of an image in a way that Storyline triggers and variables don't support, but JS can.... if only I could reference my image!!


(Let me save Staff the trouble: yes, I'm aware that staff don't officially support Javascript, and yes I've read the articles about Javascript on this website ; ) )

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LJ Beaupre

I'd say "somewhat"... I don't have bottom-up knowledge of any scripting language, actually, but I've gotten used to reverse engineering things from site code, etc. Not the best method but the most efficient when you're doing rapid e-learning and don't have time to sit down and take a course!


While these do not address your specific issue, you might find some inspiration from the following posts that all use the browser's developer window to identify SL elements and then make changes. Once I load StoryLine again, I'll try to find a direct solution for you but this might be enough to get you started.

Link 1: Changing CSS on the fly

Link 2 : Adding a Logo & a Print Button