Anyone else running Storyline on a Mac?

Jun 05, 2014

I'm debating my options for virtual machines so that I don't need to dual boot; does anyone here have any experience with products like Parallels? I'm specifically curious about lag.

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Phil Mayor

Hi Ashley, I have used Storyline on a Mac since day one of the original beta, never had any issues always used it with parallels never dual booted.

I don't think I have experienced any lag I give my VM 4gb (Parallels doesn't recommend giving anymore) and only use it for SL.  The only slight problem i have is that I share my desktop between Mac and Pc this means my desktop is treated as a network drive in windows and sometimes SL refuses to publish, I have a folder setup on my C: drive specifically for this which resolves it.

Ashley Chiasson

Yeah - there are tons of options, but I'm thinking it might work best for me to run parallels.

@Phil - Any issues working on larger projects? My projects range, but I don't want to limit myself when it comes to something larger.

I had a bit of a backup debacle last weekend that resulted in me kissing away my weekend to rebuild 3 modules based on outputs, so I have a feeling Time Capsule is going to be my new best friend as my previous methods do not seem to have held up their end of the bargain!

Phil Mayor

I use a time capsule, I would set it so your parallels file is not backed up, the reasoned logic for this is that if you have one change in the file it will be backed up (I backup my machine every 30 minutes using time machine), my parallels files is 150gb and it has to backup the whole file this means Time machine never stops backing up.  there is an option in parallels to not backup in time machine.  Once a week I copy the file and drop it into an area that will be backed up.  As I only use Windows to run SL and all my files are on dropbox weekly backups are fine for this file.  If I don't want to save to dropbox I drop the file on my desktop and because this is shared with my mac it will get backed up.

Hope this makes sense.

Phil Mayor

As far as large projects go, I have had no issues that I wouldn't have had by using a native machine.  I have a 1.2gb SL file and a 320 slide slide that is over 750mb with loads of videos.

I have never lost a file in the last year with my time capsule and dropbox combination, doesn't san I haven't had to look for files or restore them, but I have never lost one.

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