Anyone have any Good examples of Chunking?

Hi guys!

I have recently been tasked with creating an eLearning course, all the information I have been given is essential and there is ALOT of it. The bulk of the information are long paragraphs of very dense information. 

I have been looking at ways of making the information interactive and managable, such as quizzes, bullet pointing ect, but I really need to see some examples for inspiration.

I would be very grateful if someone could point me in the direction of effective ways of breaking up information and making it interactive. I am open for any suggestions.


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Julie Stelter

Hi Tim,

Think bigger than bullet points to start with when chunking your information. When I have a lot of information to process, I have done some of the following.

  1. Printed out everything and literally cut and "placed" information in piles. I only choose this method if the printing is reasonable.
  2. Decide on content buckets. Start with 3- 5 major ideas. You might need to expand. Then within each bucket separate into 3-5 baskets of major ideas. Then divide each basket into a 3-5 handfuls. The handful should be what a learner can learn in one sitting. Maybe 15-20 minutes. If you are still too thick with content you probably need more than one course. This strategy can also help you present to the client the issue of too much information.
  3. I have done the above with the client and post-it notes or large pieces of paper. It can be a great visual and you can take a picture of it at the end. Perhaps someone here can tell of a tool to do this online.

Cheers, Julie


Adele Sommers

Hello, Tim!

Underscoring exactly the technique Julie has recommended, here is a link to a 5-minute overview of how to create crystal-clear visuals as well as "chunk" content into manageable and memorable takeaways. (It's a small part of my complete course on presentation design, and applies to any form of eLearning or face-to-face presentations.)

Toward the end, you'll be able to download a job aid of 10 relevant tips.

I hope this is helpful!


Tim Clark

Julie Stelter - Thanks for the insight it really helps simplify the process, buckets, baskets and handfuls is a great way of looking at it. Nows like its time to get equainted with the office printer!

Adele Sommers - Brilliant link thank you! Some great stuff in there, placing importance on breaking up the information and using imagery to help us story the information. The "10 common slide presentation mistakes" is also a great resource that is now saved to my desktop!

Thanks for the input this is will be a big help in taking my next steps!