Anyone have softskills courses available for purchase?

Hi all! I am searching for organizational/personal development courses for purchase that I can upload to our LMS. My focus and attention is on building technical courses for our product, but we have a real need for soft skills training.

The types of course I'm searching for are in the areas of:

  • Peer coaching/mentoring
  • Team building
  • Project management
  • Communication/Conflict Management

We don't have a budget for this training, but a definite need, so I'm going to have to sell the need to management. I've looked at courses by Vado and SkillSoft so far.

Any suggested resources or info about your own courses would be greatly appreciated!

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Sherrie French

Following up on my call out for organizational/personal development courses for purchase. I'm amazed at the amount of slideshow "training" that is out there!

Does anyone know of business skills e-learning for purchase that actually uses a true interaction philosophy that requires critical thinking? Even better if Storyline and all it's fantastic interactive features were used to develop

Matthew Bibby

Hey Sherrie - I've noticed the same thing. I don't know of any business skills courses for purchase that are high quality (although I'm sure there must be some out there somewhere?). It is a pity, most soft skills training could be done using scenario based approach and could be very effective compared to some of these death by click next courses.

Have you had a look on OpenSesame?

I know it doesn't help you at this stage, but I'd be interested in talking to you about the kind of courses you need as I'm thinking about developing something along these lines when I next have some downtime.

Shyam (Sam) Cholayil

Hi Sherrie,

I am currently working on soft skills courses. I have been doing soft skills for quite a while now. However, mine has been face-to-face classes only. That business was declining, so, I am currently converting my courses to e-learning modules (using articulate).

I currently have only one course (about 90% complete), which was created more for showing my existing customers and prospective clients. In fact, I am doing a demo to somebody today.

I can send you a link to this if you are interested (I may need to send you a 1-pager to explain the features too). If you like it and it is the kind of stuff you are looking for, then, we can work on something for you. Do let me know. Thanks.

Warm regards,

Sam Cholayil

Chris Niland


We have developed  courses that provide a learning path from basic digital literacy skills all the way to professional office practitioner level.

Our courses are currently being  delivered in 8 countries in some of these countries we have gained government funding to deliver them. We are always looking for more partners to deliver our courses

Our course have been developed with accessibility features for dyslexia, cognitive and visual impairment, colour blindness and for those with literacy issues. (Which are features i would love Articulate to add in the future)

Our website is if your interested

This is one of our old demos

Sorry this is not developed in articulate but is an example of the accessibility features I mentioned before

lara A

Hello Sherrie, 

Let me introduce you the course of Negotiation and conflict resolution of Gamelearn.

Online Brochure



Our game-based learning products are focused on soft skills training, they are online and can be integrated in your LMS.

The big advantage of our courses is that students can learn by doing, the simulator enables students/players to create their own responses to the game so they can learn from their decisions and mistakes. 

Take a look at the info and if you have any other questions I will be happy to answer you.