Anyone Interested in am Articulate Event or Workshop in Canada?

Jan 18, 2014

Hello community, 

As you may have noticed from a recent community discussion (Articulate Community Roadshows in 2014), we're looking at putting together some great community events for 2014. It also seems like there's a lot of interest based on this discussion: Articulate User Conference Anyone? ...but I'd like to get more of a feel for how many people would be interested in participating in Canada.

We'd likely look at doing one or two events in Canada, one of the west coast (probably Vancouver) and one of the east coast (probably Toronto). I'd just like to get a sense for who would be interested in attending and/or participating in an Articulate event. If you are interested, please leave a comment below. 



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frank fucile

Hello Nicole and all

I am relatively new to Articulate and the community. I live and work in Nanaimo here on beautiful Vancouver Island so geographically speaking Victoria or Vancouver would work for me

It appears there is a bit of east/west divide so why don't we split the difference and have it in Moose Jaw (no jokes please) at the Temple Garden Mineral Spa -



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