Anyone used edu2.0?

I've been on a quest for a client to find an LMS lite that fits their needs and I think does, but before I sink too much time into it comparing their business requirements to the product features, I was wondering if anyone here has had any issues with Articulate products working with it? Or just any feedback or experience in general. This client has a small number of courses (10 per year) with a small number of participants (under 500 per year). Would appreciate any input from the community.

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John Scudder

Hey Holly

I've been a subscriber to edu 2.0 for maybe a year now. I've been using it as a sandbox for course development and content dev.. I've also been interested and encouraged to see its progress and have probably racked up 100 hrs or so evaluating it. The result? If I use a SaaS LMS for my own site, I'll probably use Edu 2.0.

The good...

Sensibly priced. Feature rich. Thoughtful UI. Ongoing development. Outstanding support. Graham (the dev.) is super responsive and appears to never stop working on the product. Countless times someone has suggested a feature in a forum post and Graham has responded, explored the logic and end-user experience with the person, and then implemented a solution that is often better imagined than the original request.

The bad...

Nothing bad, really. Doesn't have every feature in the world....which I happen to like. So, if you need your LMS to cook and butter your toast, Edu 2.0 might not be the solution for you.

The ugly...

If having less than total control over your code and CSS is not a problem and you don't mind spending some time in the portal admin panel adjusting colours to one of the fairly unattractive colour schemes selection (sorry Graham) or creating your own custom scheme, then Edu 2.0 might be a good match for a learning content provider on a budget.

Bottom line (for me): I continue to wish for more control over the site's design and there are a few things that I'd like to see implemented a little better than they presently are. But, these things are relatively minor and I know I could bring them to Graham, if they bugged me enough.

Overall, Edu 2.0 is an intuitive learning platform that is cost-effective and, increasingly, feature rich. Best of'll have peace of mind when it comes to support...which a big plus for it on my scorecard. 

I hope this helps...