Anyone willing to share an accessible course or two?

Oct 17, 2019

Hello Heroes!

I'm currently working on a project to update accessibility for some courses, specifically with relation to learners with visual impairments. The forum has been great at learning the technical side of adding accessibility elements like alt text, tab order, etc. I'm using Storyline 360.

I'm curious whether anyone would be willing to share a course or two that you've developed that's fully accessible or specifically built to be accessible for learners with visual impairments? While I feel like I have a good understanding of how to convert some of our non-accessible interactions into an accessible form, I think it would be extremely helpful for me to actually sit down and go through a course beginning to end from the viewpoint of a learner to understand any points I might be missing.

If anyone is willing to share a sample course or two that I could take a look at, I'd greatly appreciate the opportunity to see your examples to help me gain a reference point for my own project.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

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Joanne Chen

Hi Rutherford,

I have a fully accessible course for visually impaired, hearing impaired and physical disabled learners. It is in Chinese, but I have a demo that might help you experience it. This demo has been tested by all three kinds of disabled people. NVDA is required as the screen reader in this project. Though NVDA is not actually supported by Storyline, but it went well when testing the demo.



Digital Latam

Hi Joanne, thank you very much for sharing the DEMO. We also need to develop a fully accessible course for visually impaired, hearing impaired and physical disabled learners and we have problems to create the frame.

We have specific requirements to do it. Therefore, the screenreader-compability is a must as well as compability with assisting browser plug-ins (such as changing the background colours).The final version needs to be delivered in HTML. What do you suggest? Thank you,

Digital Latam

Joanne Chen

Hi Digital Latam,

I don't quite get what you need. Are you asking which screen reader to choose? Storyline supports the JAWS screen reader. So JAWS will be the answer to the question if you use Storyline as the development tool. In addtion, here is good scource compares different screen readers' compabilities that might be helpful.

Joanne Chen

Hi Rutherford, glad to know that is helpful. My full course is still in the last phase for review, but I am confident about passing the accessibility test. I might write some articles about the challenges I faced and how I overcomed when designing and developing the course after it gets approval. I would be happy to share my experience if you have any question about accessible courses. 

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