Anyway to embed storyline output in PDF document

I'm trying to embed the storyline output swf file into a interactive PDF.  I'm getting an error though. It says it cannot load the Data.swf file.

I think the way that storyline outputs its file into so many different files, this may cause a problem when trying to embed it into a PDF.

Anybody else have any ideas or come across this issue?  Anyone know of a way to compile all the files into a single file?

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Remi Bath

Hi Jerson.

I had a similar need to embed Articulate Studio (Engage interactions in particular) several years ago. It can't be done (without some heavy duty and very fragile scripting). As you correctly identified, Storyline, Like Studio, does not output to a single SWF file. I remember that the Engage interactions exported to a number of files and folders - and that in fact some of those files and folders were not explicit - that were all needed to be bound for the swf output to work.

Some of these files were well hidden too: I don't think Articulate wanted to encourage this. I did ask many times whether this could be addressed and got nowhere.


Remi Bath

I couldn't find a decent workaround. Not only do you have to embed both SWFs but you also need to access the javascript that pasees data between the two.

It might be worth asking Articulate to coment: some things may have changed, but if the output still compiles in multiple files/folders, including some hidden ones, it's not looking food.