Arcade Game - Single Choice Quiz Adventure

Hi all!

eLearningchips continues to introduce new product line of scenario-based templates and today we are ready to announce new Articulate Storyline interaction, which is designed to provide better users' involvement.

The template is presented in the form of interactive game, where users are supposed to take six level quiz in order to complete all tasks and to get to the destination point.

It will be available for FREE DOWNLOAD within one week, until October 30.

I would be very grateful if you check this out and share your comments or suggestions with me. Probably you find something we need to improve.

Thank you in advance. 

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3 Replies
Ridvan  Saglam

Hi Roman, 

Your game is so fun and inspiring. Thank you for sharing it. 

First, I really liked the character (he is a real adventurer!), colors, and buttons.

I agree with Paul, moves of the character can be improved. I am not sure how it looks but have you tried to use gif animation for the character? I used some simple animation before but haven't used for a character like yours.  A story can be added, and some elements to make it more personal for the players. I think you didn't add them since it was prepared as a demo.  

One more thing, 'click me' can be removed, just a question mark  can be enough. 

I have downloaded the template and tomorrow I  will play on it. If I come up with some improvements, I can share it here. 

Thanks again.