Are you getting the most from your learning?

I have been asked to develop a workbook on helping staff through the process of developing a personal learning plan to assist them make the most of available elearning courses.  I need to be able to sell this new process of self directed learning.  Any ideas of how I could introduce this topic?  Something that will move them to want to read the entire workbook?

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Natalia Mueller

You could take a slogan type of approach - all revolving around the idea that you can take control of your learning > skills > career

Just throwing some out there (This isn't my area of expertise so forgive me if these are a bit silly)

Take the Wheel

    We are putting the control of your learning in your hands... Drive yourself to the skills you need for the career you want


Take Your Career by the Horns

No More Training Wheels

This group has so much creativity in it. I hope you get tons of great suggestions! Good luck