Are You Interested in Local Articulate User Groups?

Hey gang,

I'm looking to gauge level of interest in starting some local Articulate user groups; I mean interest in terms of attending, participating, and/or hosting these groups.

A user group is a gathering of people with a shared interest, in this case, Articulate software. These would be fun, casual, and informal get-togethers that allow people to network with other Articulate and e-learning professionals, learn new things, and share cool discoveries or projects they've created.

Let me know if you're interested in this idea and what city you'd like to see the user groups in by leaving a comment below. 


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Victoria Aleman

Hi Kathryn - in the local user group in my area, topics covered a wide range.  Sample topics:  storyboards, videos, audio/narration, tips and tricks, using GIMP, demo of various shareware/freeware that's helpful in developing elearning, LMS demo, sharing of projects, and creating effective multiple choice questions.

Kimberly Valliere

Kathryn, to build off of what Victoria has shared, Dallas has covered color schemes, themes, brainy focuses to building courses, deconstructing storyline files, design theory so far. Later this year we'll explore variables, our ID tool kits, and project management for developers.