Are You Interested In Video Hangout Discussions for Community Members?

Nov 06, 2014

Hey-o awesome community peeps,

There are some really juicy and interesting discussions going on here in the forums and I think some of these topics would lend themselves nicely to some type of live group discussion or chat. 

I'm envisioning a casual hangout, an informal atmosphere, where I (or another Community Manager) would act as a moderator for these discussions and, you, the community members, would share your tips, tricks and expertise with one and other. Freelancing advice and recommendations, top storyboarding tips, etc. are just a few popular topics that I thought might work well for this type of activity.

What are your thoughts on this? Would anyone be interested in participating? Are there any topics or subjects in particular you'd like to see covered or discussed? If you'd be interested in participating OR if you have a topic to suggest, please leave a comment below!

Thanks in advance, 


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Cathy Edwards

Yes! Is it possible to make it a formatted video forum? Something along the lines of showing some tips, ie. how to create a variable in SL2 and then have a discussion around how others have used this feature or how they envision using it. Maybe I'm thinking too far in advance.

Either way, I'd sit in when time allows me to.

Jeff Kortenbosch

Super. I actually opted something similar a while ago. With the success of the roadshows and our local Articulate event it might be nice to do something 'show-and-tell' like every now and then too. Could be great for those that aren't able to fly all over the place :)

Another interesting concept could be a Twitter chat; which I've recenty been introduced to by Melissa. Food for thought...


Sam Lincoln

Good idea but it must be short and focused ... I barely have time to keep up with the weekly challenges!

It would be really helpful if an agenda/topic for discussion/item to consider was produced some time in advance so that questions/ideas can be submitted to assist the presenter.

Could I also suggest that this replaces a weekly challenge say once a month to prevent overwhelm for those of us who may be affected by time differences? And will it be recorded for those unable to attend?

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