Are you preparing Christmas cards in Articulate?

I'm thinking about it, but every year we all receive lots of virtual cards in our emails, and it get's boring. The elements are always the same: a Christmas tree, a snowman, Santa Claus... 

So I wonder: are you guys preparing Christmas presentations for your clients? Has it worked in previous years?

Thank you very much for your answers,

Belen Casado

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Marie Cosquer

Hello Belen,

I create a Christmas card for my clients with articulate online, I wanted a click of magic and I let my creativity go then I'll let you see my creation.

@ Windmill learning your wallpaper is very pretty with the green buttons.

How do you to insert a different wallpaper traditional colors?

I wish all happy holidays commonality


Nancy Woinoski

Hi Belen, I created a little Christmas card in Storyline and put it on my blog.

I did not push it to clients though. I still believe sending a card with a handwritten note is more meaningful and will stand out more then any e-card you send.

Gerry Wasiluk

I did the following Christmas card last year as part of the first Storyline beta.  Was just trying to do something fairly "music video" simple with photos and music and a little message and a tablespoon of Storyline magic..

I've dusted it off and spruced it up a tad and have used it this year to send to a few friends and colleagues.

Enjoy and happy holidays to everyone.   If ever we needed the spirit of Christmas . . . .

Holiday Card

Maz Zah

Windmill Learning said:

Hey Belen,

Though we stuck to the traditional greeting this year, we did circulate a Christmas themed Articulate skin for those who may wish to do something different. You can download it from here if it interests you.

Thanks for that I like it..