Arial font in Storyline 360?

Apr 01, 2020


I'm required to use Arial in my 360 project. I don't like the way it looks, even after working on the kerning and font size.

What is the recommendation about Arial in Storyline?

If there are specs or anything published that would support my opinion NOT to use Arial, I would appreciate seeing it.

Thank you!

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Shari Pobjecky

Thank you, Allison,

The root issue here is that the client's brand mgmt team doesn't understand that the fonts they've chosen for the company's print materials and website don't render well in Storyline, or other course authoring tools.

Note to clients and IDs: always test/prototype the required font in a slide or two and show the client what it will look like. Do this at the beginning of the project and get them to sign off on the font they want used. In writing.


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