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Does anyone know if Articulate 12 has been released?

My company is thinking of upgrading; we need a software that can publish html files of interactivities. We already have articulate studio 9 and wondering if upgrading to studio 12 can meet our requirment. From the preview it seems to be the one we are looking for but not sure whether Articulate engage can create html files of interactivities that can play on the ipad as well.

I would really be grateful for any info on this.

Many thanks in advance!


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Chandrani - Studio '12 hasn't been released yet, but we plan to beta test it soon. If you'd like to apply to be a beta tester, you're welcome to send an email to In the meantime, you're welcome to check out the free trials of either Articulate Studio '09 or Articulate Storyline:  You mentioned you need to publish "html files of interactivities."... are you wanting to publish for HTML5 and/or iPad? If so, Articulate Storyline offers that ability right now, so if you are in a hurry to get a tool, that would be a great option.

Daniel Brigham

Thanks, Jeanette. I know a lot of us have a similar question, and this chart helps. I also requested to be a beta tester, so thanks also for that info. Seems to me the biggest decision between Storyline and '12 is whether you need to work in a ppt environment. I'd like to say, no, but man, that's where a lot of existing training comes from. --Daniel

Jeanette Brooks

I hear you Daniel - and you're right, a big part of the decision is whether you like authoring in PowerPoint and want to continue doing that.

If the PowerPoint environment is only important to you because you sometimes need to build from existing PowerPoint slide decks, one of the neat things about Storyline is that you can import PowerPoint content. When you do that, the text, shapes, etc. are all still editable.

Daniel Brigham

That's good to know. I imagine with Storyline, you no longer have to deal with the oddities of creating in PPT but then publishing to Articulate/Flash: jerky animations, different alignments, etc. When I publish in Articulate my motion paths are usually jerky, but maybe that's on my end?

My guts says go Storyline. I'll always have PPT when I need it.

chandrani das

Hi Jeanette,

Thanks for directing me towards Articulate storyline. I am checking it out and loving it at the moment.

I am working on the trigger feature of storyline and have created a slide with triggers and I think although I am doing everything correctly, however somehow the triggers are not working. I am wondering if you can help me on this?

Many thanks,


Sorry about that. I figured out why the triggers are not working. Thanks to all the wonderful people who keeps posting their responses. It helps a lot!

Jeanette Brooks

Hey Chandrani! So glad to hear that you're liking Storyline! I just noticed that you edited your post above, and it sounds like you're all set now with your trigger issue? If not, we're happy to take a look at your practice file & help you out! I'd suggest posting your question in the Storyline forum though, so that it doesn't get buried here. 


There are a couple of issues we've noticed with Studio 09 that I'm hoping will work better in Studio 12:

1. Currently it is not possible to allow a learner to click next to reveal one bullet at a time on a bulleted slide; you have to either animate the bullets or break the slide into multiple slides.  Will Studio 12 allow this?

2.  Currently there does not appear to be an easy way to share files among developers, especially if you have custom templates.  Developer 1 has to package the course, then developer 2 unpackages.  If developer 2 wants to hand back to developer 1 or any other developer, he/she needs to make sure all the Engage/Quizmaker links are re-linked.  Also, after unpackaging, directory structure developer 1 may have used is messed up.  E.g., if developer 1 had Engages and Quizmaker files in subfolders, after unpackaging, those files are all in same folder as the Presenter file.  Will it be easier to share files in Studio 12 (or Storyline, for that matter)?

Steve Flowers

Hi, Pat - 

I can't speak to Studio 12. Both of these issues are much easier to accomplish in Storyline than Presenter 09.

1) With Storyline, you have control over the progression and reveal of any element on the screen and can gate with a variety of events and logic.

2) Storyline source files package to a single file. Provided everyone on your team has the same fonts installed, transferring the single Storyline source (.story) file around should provide an identical editing experience for everyone. Additionally, you can import slides and scenes from other .story files. It's a pretty smooth process, in my experience.

Frank Natt

Mr Y said:

We are at a point where we have a budget to spend and really want Studio 12 but its not out yet and we already have Studio 09. So we are getting pushed to the Adobe Suite of new software. 

Has anyone else had this dilemma where the money needs spending before the product is out

Mr Y,

if you contact the Articulate Sales Team I believe that you can pre-purchase Articulate 12  and then receive the download information once it is available. That should alleviate any concerns of having to spend the money by a certain deadline.