Articulate 360 Pre-Course Tutorial

May 21, 2018

Hello all,

What do people use or show slide wise for any of their e-learning?

Do you have a pre-course slide etc. showing where to click, alter volume, resources, or is this built in to each new course?

I trying to figure out what's best and how much do you show?

e.g. do you explain that the next button is an arrow on Tablets and Mobiles?


Thank you


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Joe Tansengco


If you're just beginning, I suggest to visit this link - Getting Started with Articulate 360 - which provides a comprehensive guide of everything you need to know to get your started in using Articulate 360. It helped me out a lot to get myself off the ground in terms of creating content, and it contains a bunch of interactive examples that will get your familiarized with the product. 

And to address your inquiry, I found that it did cover the basics as well when I was following the instructions, so everything you need to know can be found in the courses.




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