Articulate and Blackboard Coursesite

Aug 21, 2013

I'm using Articulate for my HS classes and I tried Publishing in SCORM to Upload to my LMS (Coursesite by Blackboard) after many try and error I Upload the file as SCORM to BB but when I try to open it as student I got an error and nothing happened (nothing to see), I even try to publish as WEB and can't , am I doing something Wrong Please Help me!

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Nicole Legault

Hey there J! Welcome to the community, and thanks for posting. Sorry to hear about this issue you're having.

With all the different e-learning software and LMS systems available out there, uploading SCORM files can sometimes be a little bit tricky. In any case, if you're looking to upload to an LMS, you should definitely be using the Publish to LMS option and not the publish to Web. 

Make sure to follow the step by step instructions that are found here: Articulate Support >> Publish to your LMS

If you can't find a solution here in the Articulate forum, you may also want to take a peak at the Blackboard community discussions:

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