Articulate compatible with Linux and Msql for the DB back end?

Feb 22, 2012

Our prospective customer is having a few questions on publishing Articulate output. I am copy pasting the exact query below -

I hope Articulate is compatible with Linux and Msql for the DB back end?

We are planning a CMS/OPS (Order processing system) and of course a CRM in the portal.

I'm not very comfortable using Oracle or MS SQL.

Can I have some help in answering this?

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Stefano Posti

Hello Poormina,

you can publish Articulate courses for web, and put the ouput files and folders on a specific website folder, whatever the web server matter it's Windows or Linux hosted.

If you refer to tracking capabilities, you'll need a Learning Management System.

LMS are CMS portal featured for tracking users activity, assigning courses, managing material, etc.

There are many open source LMSs, like Moodle, Docebo, Dokeos, eFront, etc... and many commercial LMSs, too.

they run both on linux web servers with MySql or Oracle, both on Windows hosted IIS/Ms SQL or Oracle.

Linux and MySql is the most used configuration for any kind of CMS, including LMS.

Jus concentrate on the LMS you need (it is the only way to link your courses to a backend DB); Articulate Studio, like any other e-learning authoring tool, can produce SCORM or AICC outputs (a mix of html / swf and javascript code to connect to the LMS) but it doesn't connect directly to any DB.

there are plenty of posts and threads over here about it...

you may just start using Moodle, that is free, and everything will be clearer...

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