Articulate Conference Leeds UK May 2012

Mar 22, 2012

Hi there

I am very excited, I've managed to book a place on the Articulate Conference in Leeds on May 24th - hurray!

Are any of you fellow eLearning Heroes going to be there?

Would be great to find out !

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Dragos Ciobanu

Happy you're excited about Leeds, Sam - I'm also really looking forward to the e-learning extravaganza that's going to take over Leeds (not raising expectations at all, am I? ).

Ant, at the moment I've taken the registration engine offline because we're sold out on the external participant places - will see if we could transfer some of the places reserved for University of Leeds staff. London is also going to be a really good event, and I'm sure Tom's going to sprinkle lots of e-learning magic dust throughout his stay in the UK :) 

(Note to self: for the next conference, top it all by having Jeanette, Tom and Dave over together - I think we should hire a rock band bus and check out the UK more thoroughly )

Have fun, both of you,

Dragos :)

Bruce Graham


I'll be there at both London and Leeds.

A full week of eLearning goodness for me - I'm thinking of it as my belated Christmas holiday I never took last December

Rock band bus would be a great concept  - Dave is desperate to get over here and meet everyone in person and sample the local beers

"eLearning extravaganza" - no pressure for me to do a decent job of the Ist "UK Storyline Jam" in October then then Dragos!


Bruce Graham


Dragos Ciobanu said:

Oh, I have no doubts the UK Storyline Jam will be magic, Bruce Dates? Details? We need to let folks know in May

Was wondering if I could have a few minutes on the Agenda at Leeds to socialise the details and the existence of the Usergroup?


Dragos Ciobanu

Lol Looking forward to seeing you all, thriving on pressure, and thinking of fun things to do during the conference. As an aside, I read Dave's latest comment at the same time as looking out of the corner of my eye at his avatar and I must say  I chuckled a tiny bit :) :) It was the three dots that cracked me up in the context... :)

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