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Dragos Ciobanu

Chris Fletcher said:

Haha! I contacted them over a month ago Amy, and they told me there were no places left. I'm still waiting to hear if anything's changed. Still, it's been the Easter holidays, so the good news may be in an inbox waiting to send!


Really cute to think there's a whole bunch of us working on the conference, Chris , but unless you catch me on my split personality day (a lot of fun, as my jokes get the benefit of the Romanian heritage), it's pretty much me (but I am about 6'7", so I guess there's a lot of me ) and a sizeable team of Captain Smileys that are ... well ... not wearing much, so that's not helping, either :) Was that an inappropriate thing to say on the forum? Sorry if so ;)

Seriously now, many apologies to you and lots of folks on the forum, as well as elsewhere for being stealth for a while - I've been chasing a few people who it seems were in a more playful mood when registering their interest (none here, thankfully :)) and I didn't want to get other folks' hopes up only to bring them down later. All the deadlines ran out last week, though, and so far I've recovered about 15 places, so at least I am hoping to make a few folks a tiny bit happier today... 

Dragos Ciobanu

Chris Fletcher said:

Ah Dragos, I didn't realise it was just you. Can I just say you're doing a great job!!

I'm really excited about the conference now!


Lol, Chris No worries (and I do get a hand from a couple of colleagues occasionally, plus I didn't mean my reply in a whingey way - I genuinely chuckled :). I love this conference and the people that come to it, and I am feeling bad if I don't offer them enough TLC - I'll try and make it up over the next couple of weeks, though, to make sure everyone has fun and also finds it very useful. Speak to you all soon (and possibly dance, too, although I am leaning towards Sam's approach on the dancing side :) Amy, the stage will be yours :) )

Dragos Ciobanu

Oh, no! If your manager does not think a day with Tom Kuhlmann and 99 e-learning specialists and enthusiasts from the UK, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland (and I feel like I am forgetting some countries) is not worthwhile professional development, I will come and eat his/her hat! Hm!!!! How about several days? Tom and the good people from Kineo are organising a session in London, too. You could get a double dose in one trip if you wanted...

Hora de la munte will be a tiny bit ironic, given Leeds' position .

Hoping you'll have news to make us break into a jig soon,