Articulate Conference May 12 - who we are & why we'll be in Leeds

Hi, folks

In parallel to this super funky thread started by Sam, I thought I'd start one for the conference participants to get to know each other better before we all meet up in Leeds on the 24th of May. I'm also going to post anonymised questions for everyone to think about, as well as updates on the conference. So far what we know is that we're full and that we'wishing a very safe and fun journey to Tom, Don, and everyone else travelling to sunny England, or more specifically to London in the first instance and/or Leeds afterwards :)

I am also going to start the list of introductions in my next post on this thread (if folks don't mind introducing themselves to others - it will definitely help get the day to a lively start; although there will be Danish pastries, too, I am assured ).

Until then, this is what folks would like from the day so far:

  1. Download Tom's brain (Matrix style or otherwise, I guess - the person asking hasn't expressed a preference)
  2. Win a Storyline license :) (I'll surely be using a hat-drawing application again :))
  3. As enthusiasts starting out, quite a few people are looking for practical tips they can put into practice
  4. Be inspired through creative examples
  5. Find out the extent to which designers take account of learning theories such as attentional theory or learning styles when designing resources for impact
  6. Network / Talk about / See what is available in the Health sector in terms of e-learning development with Articulate or otherwise.
  7. Network / Talk about / See what is available in the Client Delivery Services sector in terms of e-learning development with Articulate or otherwise.
  8. Ideas on how to get started efficiently in an institution - licensing and costs, discounts.
  9. Get as many tips on addressing accessibility issues with both Articulate Studio and Storyline 
  10. See a lot of Articulate Studio 09 funkiness and be surprised by new ideas
  11. Get tips on how to use quizzes to assess learning
  12. Talk about plans for the Articulate Studio update - how will it be positioned now that Storyline is (almost) here? 
  13. Tips on designing for tablet use
  14. See how Storyline can be used to create effective resources without dazzling the user with the multitude of possibilities Storyline functionalities open up

The programme is almost there - I will update it with the presenters' details and topics (and may I just say a big thank you to the presenters for volunteering to share their work with us) and will circulate (fingers crossed nothing happens in the meantime.

Until then, let's introduce ourselves and make some friends before the Leeds Articulate extravaganza next month :)

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Dragos Ciobanu

Hi, Derek

I can't speak for everyone else, but personally I am really looking forward to chatting to you over some tea and Danish pastries next Thursday morning. You will have undoubtedly read on many people's faces by now how impressed they are by your attitude, so I will not spoil that by trying to put it into words (knowing me, it'll come out clumsier than my airy head thinks it anyway ). Hope you kick the other half-C's butt soon!

I also think that helping folks keep or even find their mojo sounds just like what the Articulate community is really good at, and it's getting to know these really cool people that's prompted me to start the conference four years ago. It's the six hours together followed by a year of virtual laughs and pleasant surprises that's making me continue to pester people to come back to Leeds every May. 

Have a safe trip, everyone, and see you next Thursday  

Li Whybrow

Hi, looking forward to the conference - a few colleagues have attended in the past and said it's well-worth the trip from sunny brighton.

I am looking forward to meeting like-minded souls and learning lots and sharing ideas and best practice, as well as putting faces to names from the community. I'll be doing a short session (10 minutes) show-casing some work-flow and ideas for iPads in blended  solutions. I'll be the one wearing the super hero outfit:

Alina Rotariu

Hi Everyone,

It so nice to see all this enthusiasm regarding e-learning development. I was actually searching for that.

I am the Program Manager for learning activities that address to Sourcing employees in Ericsson. We are interested in training some people for developping e-learning trainings using Articulate. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any information on available in-class trainings on Articulate. Can you guys help me with some names of training companies in Europe that do this and maybe some prices?

Thank you,


P.S. I know that this message is not really part of the topic you have started, but I do think you are the best advisers that I could find, so please forgive my daring.

Craig Oliver-Walsh

Hello Folks,

I am Craig. I work for an international fuel management company ans am the sole trainer there. I have recently finished getting Moodle set up as our e-learning platform and used Studio for my content, that was was until I got in on the Storyline BETA! Now I am creating all sorts of fun stuff in many languages (a big challenge!) and I think I have only just started to scratch the surface of what is possible. Cant wait to hear others experience of Studio/Storyline/Moodle and working with multiple languages.

Till next week!


Dragos Ciobanu

Hi, Craig, good to hear from you. Working in several languages is something that I'm interested in, too - have done this project for UNICEF, and after I've had a lot of fun drawing things and basically running away from words on slides by doing this resource in EN, Tamara's been looking after localising it into Lithuanian. We're as keen as you to find out better and more effective ways of designing e-learning for localisation (sounds like the topic of next year's conference a bit, doesn't it?)

Sam, I was initially going to wear kind of smart casual stuff, but I may add a tie just in case (and then take it off when I realise nobody else is as formal). I kind of feel I have to do it as the host, but in previous years I've been really pleased to see the participants come in whatever was comfortable for them - we have had the odd suit, but rarely seen ties (and when we have, they were great ties indeed!); generally people have been leaning towards the smart casual approach. Having written these four lines, the dress code is the last thing this conference needs to be about, and if anyone gives anyone else funny looks because they are wearing flip-flops, well, they're not getting any dessert then :) How do other people feel about this? :) Oh, and I'm wearing a T-shirt for dinner - Bruce rocks! :)

Dragos Ciobanu

True - I'll start with the Dragos-as-the-corporate-man-he-will-never-become-despite-the-never-say-never-thing costume, Bruce, and then downgrade as the day progresses if appropriate I did dress up in the past as a judge (robe and wig and everything) for a staff development course I held (bewildered looks in the audience), and as a wizard for an end-of-year student quiz (huge success; photos and autographs and things), so perhaps I should dust off the "cute bunny wunny" costume I have, right? :) 

Dragos Ciobanu

I guess it's fair to say that we're all after everyone else's brain and not so much the outfit. On a practical note, the room is set up with round tables, so there may be a bit of shuffling, re-arranging of chairs, squeezing in between other people, etc, so I'd advise everyone to come in comfortable clothes for the obstacle course they may occasionally face... Does that help at all, Sam? :)

Sam Currie

Chris Fletcher said:

Sam Currie said:

Crikey, I guess I shouldn't have expected a sensible reply eh?  Chris I almost just snorted coffee down my nose!!!

I think I know what to wear now ..........digs out Wonder Woman outfit...... ROFL

Oh... are you going as Wonder Woman too? I'd better take my costume back.  :(

Emma James

Hello everyone,

I am a subject matter expert working in the NHS (medicaldevices). I became interested in e-learning authoring after submitting materialfor an e-learning project which was then returned to me with all the soulsucked out of it. Despite suggestions to encourage a more engaging interfacefor the learner an information dump was all that was required, so that is what wasproduced.

I have only been using Articulate for a year, so have lotsto learn and am hoping to pick up a few tips and tricks and different approachesto creative e-learning (and on the cheap as I have no budget!).

Really looking forward to meeting everyone on Thursday