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Mar 06, 2013

Need expert Moodle/Articulate advice,

We want to create a post in moodle that will have a link, and this link will open up a articulate module (player.html).  I tried to create a folder using FTP but somehow the module won't play.  Any help would be much appreciated. 



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Joe Deegan

You may need to create a repository in the moodledata folder through FTP so that it is accessible.  If it is in your moodle folder then it may not be accessible.  Once you have a repository in the moodledata folder to upload it to then you will be able to create a hyperlink from anywhere in Moodle.  The link above for creating a repository should explain it in more detail for you.  Hope this helps.

Todd Thornton


Did you ever get this working inside Moodle? I'm in the same boat now as I'm creating review pages where I'm linking to several things including the untracked Storyline videos. When not using SCROM but just a repository it won't play. You can't set "main file as" like you can within an individual activity so I'm guessing it's not seeing the proper folder structure. 


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