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Sep 12, 2014


Love that my Storyline programs can be used on laptops AND iPads. I've got all the settings on the software set but and it runs just right on the laptops. BUT when it runs on the iPads (with the Articulate player) I cannot get the ATTACHMENTS button to show at the top right of the player. Only the EXIT button shows up. This is a problem because it is referenced in the program and pictures of people actually point to it. So in the laptop version it works great but in the iPad version they point to a blank spot. Plus folks can't download the attachments.

I am thinking I may not be doing something with the player settings for the Articulate player. I am baffled that it doesn't reflect the same settings. But can anyone help me? This is a critical part of the training!!!

Many thanks in advance!!!


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Kevin Harris

Our company has been having this issue since launch. They are aware that there is no attachment in the mobile player and they have done nothing about it and have not yet said if they are even going to put one in, in the future.

So no, there is no attachment in the player, and it is very disappointing. I would recommend submitting a feature request (my whole team has done it) because if enough people complain maybe they will do something to change it!

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