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Hi we have created lots of our course content for career and skill development and are designing these on articulate. We now have to make some important decisions on what website and LMS combination with associated addons will serve us best to get to market. The aim is to be a mid sized B to C provider with purchasing. I would love any recommendations on best approach to resolve these challenges or to speak to anyone who can solve these problems?

Looking forward to any replies or recommendations. Kind regards David

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Saurabh Chauhan

Hii David,

You already did select an excellent choice for your course website. WordPress allows flexibility and LearnDash to provide a good LMS structure. This combination can make a good eLearning site.

To be more precise, if you're planning to upload your Articulate content on LearnDash LMS, it does not support this yet.

You have to use some plugins like GrassBlade xAPI Companion to upload your content and use it with LearnDash LMS. Both have tight integration and support.

You check LearnDash demo with xAPI Content embedded on LearnDash course and lesson here:

You can also add Articulate Content in a similar fashion.

I hope this help, you can also upload your own content to test on this site.