Articulate Network and Plateau

Jan 22, 2013

Hi all.

Is it possible to publish a quiz or a storyline Project for the LMS Plateau without http adress?

Our training files are on a file server without http.we want use aicc to publish in Plateau,but it looks like without http do not work..Is there some solution to publish and reporting in Plateau without http adress

greets Klaus

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Keya Thomas (eNyota Learning)

Hi Klaus

I checked with my tech team. To answeryour question, it is not possible to publish the quiz or storyline projectseparately without a http address. The Articulate course will be launchedthrough an HTML page and will sends data to LMS accordingly. So if you need torun it, it will start with an HTTP address. There is no way to eliminate thehttp address for quiz and storyline published outputs.

I am unsure about why you need to havethis run without a http address. I am assuming that you need to save the AICCpackage on a content server run by Plateau and point to that package using yourLMS. Is that correct? Are you having issues point the LMS to the contentserver. Let me know if I have got this right. Can you please let me know if yourrequirement is something different from this?



Klaus Trautmann

We have a small department and we want to save cost.

We have a fileserver with a lot of discspace but no http adress.Our IT make some problems to install a IIS server there.

We store our training material there and just link to it.But without aicc or scorm we have no report.

So thats the purpose.

You have answered my questions.There is no way to comunicate with the LMS and AICC without HTTP.

Thanks Klaus

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