Articulate on Blackberry

Apr 20, 2012


I have a client that says he is not able to view my Articulate published courses on his Blackberry Smartphone.

Does anybody know if there is some compatibility problem between Articulate and Blackberry?

I cannot test it by myself since I don't have a Blackberry and I haven't found nothing related on the web or the forums here.

Thank you..

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Gabriele, a lot of mobile devices will play Articulate Studio content fine if their OS and browser support Flash. Maybe his doesn't? Or maybe he does not have the Flash player installed on his device? Officially, the current Articulate Studio supports viewing content on Mac, Linux, and Windows (though a lot of people are also successfully playing their content on Flash-compatible devices). Going forward, we'll be offering broader mobile support for iOS devices and HTML5 when we release Articulate Storyline and the next version of Articulate Studio. But till then it's really not possible for us to thoroughly test playback on every type of device and system out there. The mobile world is still pretty varied, which is why our future releases will be focusing on providing HTML5 and iOS support, since those formats are the most prevalent. 

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