Articulate Player for Android?

Jul 03, 2012


For a few months now we've been testing different mLearning platform options.

Until now the best option by far for presenting mLearning on mobile devices is the Articulate Player for iPad.

I've been looking for the same solution for the Android, but now luck so far.

Any suggestions for an application or another solution for viewing content off line?

No plans for an Articulate player for Android? (-:



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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Shanee, right, we don't currently have an equivalent player that allows learners to play offline content on an Android device, but I'd encourage you to submit that as a feature request. Currently, since most Android devices support Flash, learners with Androids will have the best experience by viewing the Flash version of your course. If they're using a browser that doesn't support Flash and if you included HTML5 output when you published, they'll see the HTML5 version instead.

Caelyn Nagle

When viewing new Articulate 13 presenter content on my Samsung Galaxy device, it doesn't display correctly, only showing me 1/4 of the slide with the menu off the edge of the screen. No one I know with Android can view the presentation properly in the standard Android browser. An App is really needed. I can't believe you haven't made an app for android yet.

Michael Hinze

Christopher Haywood said:

An Android app for Articulate is absolutely necessary for supporting our growing mobile user base. Please develop and release such an app through the Google Play Store as soon as possible!

+1 I agree, an Android player app is long overdue. I had tried to convert a Storyline project into an Android app myself (see some info here) but, while technically possible, this was no replacement for a professionally designed player app.
Michael Hinze

Scott McLeod said:


Michael Hinze said:

Robert Dalton said:

Would be handy for sure

Storyline 2 now supports Android and also provides a Player App that can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore.

Does this work with the standard Presenter files as well?

I'm not 100% certain but I very much doubt it. The description in the Google Play Store reads 'Experience Articulate Storyline courses on your Android device with Articulate Mobile Player. Featuring an elegant, intuitive user interface, Articulate Mobile Player beautifully displays interactive e-learning content created in Articulate Storyline.' It doesn't list Studio/Presenter.

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