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Dave Newgass

Frank Natt said:


I'm just wondering if the Articulate Plug In works with Buddy Press? I can get my Articulate content to work with no issues on Wordpress, but I can't get it to work with Buddy Press.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hey Frank,

Although I don't have an answer to your question....how do you go about getting Articulate to work within Wordpress?  Fancy a little walkthrough on this?

Many thanks,


Brian Batt

Hi Frank,

The "Insert or Embed Articulate Content into WordPress" plugin is a third party tool that is not associated, developed, or supported by Articulate.  However, it was developed by me.  Please contact me via the comments in the link below & I'll help you out there:


Simon Perkins

You can also 'Publish to Web' > FTP to a chosen folder within your website's structure (Transfer Type = Binary) > create a new post/page > add say an image (I use a cropped sample of the course's title page) and make it link to the launch URL, e.g. www.website.com/chosen_folder/course_upload_name/player.html

This works a treat with Presenter courses.  Have yet to try with SL but I guess it should work fine.