Articulate Storyline 360: Adding Graded Quiz Result Slides - Quiz Results Practice File

Hi, I reviewed the video on Articulate Storyline 360: Adding Graded Quiz Result Slides, and the instructor said to open the "Quiz results practice file." Where do I find the practice file?

I would really appreciate it if someone could identify where I can find these.



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Carolyn Kunz

Hi Carmen,

Usually, the link to the practice files is in the video details. Not sure where or the age of the video you are watching, but if it is old, the practice file could have been removed since updates to SL would make them out-of-date.

The Articulate website has beginner training on getting started with quizzes and results slides, with practice files. 



David Anderson

Hi Carmen -

Carolyn's right about the source files being found on the webinar pages.

Did you review a webinar session or this video on YouTube? I think the video you watched is on YouTube and part of our original Storyline 360 tutorials. You can find the downloads for all the original videos here:

The more recent quiz and results slides videos can be found here:  A lot's changed since Storyline 360 launched:-)