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May 11, 2012


I was wondering if there is a way to add a Notes feature that is for the student to take notes on within Articulate Storyline. I'm also open to having a new window open that would allow the student to take notes to the side while continuing the course, and then give the option to save the course on their computers. If anyone has any suggestions how how to achieve this, or any other ideas for ways around it, please let me know!!



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Simon Perkins

I may have seen something like this a few months ago - I think one of the Articulate staff (David or Brian IIRC?) built a demo that does this.  Not sure if was native within SL or if it called a web object (e.g. google form or similar).  I've just searched the main list of tips/tricks/features and can't find anything.  Perhaps someone else with a better idea will come along.

Destery Hildenbrand


Looking at the example you posted it looks like the author created a lightbox slide with a text entry box. They then placed a link tothat lightbox slide opn the pages therin for easy access. It would not have to be a lightbox slide, it could be a slide in another scene, whatever works for you. If you open storyline and go to the insert tab > interactive objects group> then data entry. From there you can choose a data or number entry. 

The text entry box captures all of the notes information and could be placed anywhere in you story (on a new slide or on a specific area of every slide).

Hope this helps.

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