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Feb 04, 2014

This forum is really great but I don't see much for studio. Are there links or blogs for studio?

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Nicole Legault

Hi Lissbeth!

Thanks for posting your comment and question!

If you follow this link you'll find tons of step by step tutorials for using all the Studio '13 tools (they are broken down by each tool): Studio '13 Tutorials 

And if you look in the forums, you can actually search the forums by product from the Studio '13 Suite: Articulate Product Support

We also usually have a weekly community blog post about Studio '13: Community Blog Posts . Some recent ones include:

And there are many more blog posts on a variety of topics for Studio and all it's tools. 

Additionally, in the Downloads area, you'll find a whole bunch of high quality free downloads for all of the Studio '13 applications!

Hope this helps get you started in the right direction!


Lissbeth  McCrodden

Wow this is awesome information. I'm new to studio so this will be very helpful. Can I ask one more question. My boss purchased the entire studio pro suite. I noticed there Is presenter, engage, quiz maker and I don't recall what else.. Now I'm a captivate user and so I'm a bit confused on what each component provides and how they interact with each other. Do the tutorials help answer my questions?

Nicole Legault

No prob! This is how I would explain it.... When you're working with Articulate Presenter, you're actually working in Powerpoint, and you'll see that you have an additional tab on your ribbon called "Articulate" that gives you tons of cool extra options, characters, etc. You can also publish your course through Presenter '13 and publish it to various formats, including SCORM. 

Articulate Engage '13 comes with 20 pre made interactions that help you make your Presenter content more engaging. There are things like pyramids, circle diagrams, bulletin boards, media galleries, etc. that are already built out for you and you just customize your colors and add your text and photos. You can import your interactions into your Presenter '13 to make your content more engaging and interesting. 

Quizmaker lets you create tons of different great and interactive quizzes. Multiple choice, true false, etc. you can basically do them all, and then you can add your quizzes to your Presenter course as well. 

Replay is a screencasting tool that lets you record screencasts to add to your courses. All the applications are built to work together!!

This is basically how they all fit together! The suite lets you create a great course with interactive content, quizzes and screencasts. You have everything you need to do all those things! Hope this helps!!

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