Articulate Studio 09 Feezing on almost all tasks!

Several days ago I download the 30 day trial version of Articulate Studio 09.

I just bought a new Lenovo Thinkpad W520 Notebook Laptop PC  as my other HP Laptop PC is dying and won’t operate more than 2 hours w/o overheating.

It has Windows 7 Professional with Service Pack 1 and has a 64 bit OS.

The installation went well and  when I opened my 2007 PowerPoint the Articulate plug-in was installed.

However very little works.  The only thing that works is to record a narration and invoke the audio editor.

If I try and import audio from the same folder, sync animations, launch the quiz maker , engage interaction, open slide properties, Preview or publish it locks up and freezes every time and I have to start to the task manager to terminate PowerPoint.  I need help to resolve this ASAP as I have a project that requires Articulate.

Thanks for any tips you can give.


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