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I am a beginner with Articulate and wanted to know if anyone has attended the articulate trainings through Yukon. I understand the basics but am looking for more foundational training on the software as I am the only user of Articulate at my company. I would be traveling to attend the trainings so I am interested in the value before I invest the money. Any thoughts?

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Melanie Sobie

HI John!  Welcome to the Articulate community. (I see you are a fellow cheese-head.) Go Packers!

I haven't attended any of the paid trainings. However, if you are new to Articulate I would recommend buying the book "E-Learning Uncovered: Articulate Studio '09" (by Tanya Coomes, Diane Elkins and Desiree Ward). That will get you past the beginner stage very very quickly - and then you might be ready to take the advanced training courses you would need to travel for later on.

Also, if you are new to Articulate, please be sure to review the information in the tutorials section of this community page. Start with any tutorials and information on how to organize your project files. The Powerpoint  files (*.ppta and *.pptx) MUST be kept on your hard drive, and you must NOT move them unless you use the Articulate Package function.  Also, you will want to review the list of supported Powerpoint animations to see what cannot be used in Articulate.

Good luck and welcome!

Colin Eagles

I attended a Yukon Advanced users course - totally worth the money.  Ron (Price) knew a ton and was totally willing to help us with specific (usually off-topic) questions.  I would completely recommend it as a way to get familiar and comfortable on the fly.

I only went for the Advanced day - but I would recommend the Beginner & Advanced days for a new user.  It's not too complicated and it gives you two days to really dig around in Articulate.

Then I would recommend spending time in the community.

Cheers and (as Melanie said) Welcome!

Eimear O'Neill

Hey John, just wanted to add onto Colin's comment, that when I did Studio training through Yukon, with Ron as trainer and Tom as special guest,  I found it incredibly helpful, hands on and I picked up many tricks & tips. I have no doubt Ron will work his same magic at the Storyline training. Well worth the investment

Jessica Brown

I want to attend these courses, and I see that there will be two in Atlanta this year.  Yay!  For those of you who attended, is there something tangible you get at the end like a certificate?  My boss wants me to be able to take something with me to my next job that says to them, "Hi, I'm Jessica...I really am a Storyline expert!"  

Justin M

I’m also hoping to attend the training in Atlanta (early March).  For a new user, is the two day beginner course enough or do you suggest all three days(two day beginner and one day advanced)?  I don’t want my brain to explode, but I also don’t want to wish I had stayed for the third day.  I created one course during the 30 day free trial of Storyline but that’s the extent of my experience.