Articulate Vs Camtasia


After all the feedback we received earlier, and based on our own study, we are keenly considering Articulate as primary product to help put together our e-learning course. 

We know Articulate scores over Captivate on most parameters. 

How does it compare to Camtasia? 

Especially for producing screen capture videos for tutorial purposes etc?

We look forward to your views and suggestion. 

Many thanks!


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David Anderson

Hi Rahul,

What can you tell us about the types of elearning courses you need to create? Are you creating software simulations? Scenario-based training? Quizzing and assessments?

It's worth pointing out that Camtasia is a screencasting product by TechSmith while Articulate is a company that produces products such as Presenter '09, Engage '09, Quizmaker '09, Articulate Online and Screenr and Screenr Business. Studio '09 (Presenter, Engage and Quizmaker) don't include a screencasting program like TechSmith's Camtasia.

It's better to compare Captivate to Camtasia and Screenr since those products are targeted to screencasting and software demonstrations.

You can place any and all that content into your Studio '09 courseware. Dave Moxon has a good article on working with Camtasia in Articulate Studio '09:

If you can tell us more about the types of courses you need to built, we can direct you to specific Articulate Studio features to look at.

Hope that helps!

Rahul Goel

Thanks, David. 

We want to make some short videos on how to use our various products - Portfolio Tracker for instance. 

What we wanted to show on screen was how one navigates through the product, with a voice over. 

We expect these to be 2 - 4 minute videos... 

We would be doing a similar thing for our e-learning course (a presentation with voice over).

Does this information help?

From what I get, Camtasia will help us produce the content, which will then go into Studio 09?! 


David Anderson

Thanks Rahul and yes, that totally makes sense.

Presenter '09 as a screencast wrapper

Check out this example that features Screenr videos-downloaded as .mp4 videos--inserted into Presenter '09. Presenter '09 is used as a wrapper for the videos and combines a collapsible tree menu and multiple slide views to present the screencasts:

But to your question, yes, the screencasts videos (mp4, flv, swf) are recorded and then inserted into Presenter '09. You can also insert the screencasts into Engage and Quizmaker.

Using Screenr

Because your videos are 2-4 minutes, you could really use Screenr to record your movies. Screenr is free and creates the highest-quality screencasts with the least amount of effort. Camtasia is also a great product but it's also going to offer a lot more advanced video editing features you may or may not need.

Engage as Video Player

Depending on the size of your screencasts, Engage might be a good option.

Quizmaker and Screenr

You could add Quizmaker slides as follow-up quizzes to your screencast demos. Insert your screencast on a PowerPoint slide and advance to a follow-up Quizmkaker slide to test learner understanding of the previously demo'd process.

Zooming and panning with ZoomIt!

Camtasia offers features like zooming and panning by default. Those are great features if you're trying to emphasize smaller areas in a screencast. We found a fun and free program that works with your PC to create the same effects. When integrated into your Screenr recordings, it provides a nice combination for creating more dynamic screencasts: