Articulate with Learn Up in Confluence

Hello everybody,

I am currently working in an office that utilizes Confluence pretty heavily and have been tasked with creating a training initiative that can seamlessly integrate across a few major platforms. I have read that Confluence has a plug-in called "Learn Up" in which you can create asynchronous online course modules directly in the platform. I was wondering if anybody out there has tried importing an Articulate module through an embed code into Confluence. 

I realize this is highly technical but if I can solve this, my company and others would have major training initiatives become successful.

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Azwandi Aris

Hi everyone, I thought I should share with you that there is now a solution for Confluence, that you might find useful.

If you export from Storyline into a SCORM format, you will be able to use the SCORM Learning for Confluence app to upload, distribute and track your courses from within Confluence.

(Disclaimer: My team at ServiceRocket built this. ServiceRocket is a Top Vendor in Atlassian ecosystem).

Here's a video showcasing an example course exported from Storyline:

The app is available from the Atlassian Marketplace. If you would like a personal demo or discuss your needs, I'm available at

Hope this helps!