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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Arocki,

I hadn't heard of the H5p tool - but I looked it up and it seems to be a different e-learning authoring tool, so I am unsure how you'd like to combine the two? Possibly you could share a bit more information so that our community members who have used it or are familiar with it could weigh in with some additional ideas. 


We are building a LMS with HTML5 support to view various devices liek ipad, iphone, Android phones. please suggest which  Free LMS support to articulate interm's of HTML5 support.

We are familiar with Moodle.

I gone thorugh H5p samples given by authoring tool. its looking good with the variious devices.





Svein-Tore Griff With


I'm in the H5P Core team and I find this question interesting. I can think of a few ways that Articulate and H5P could be integrated. Enabling Articulate to export H5P files would make it possible to use Articulate as an authoring tool for H5P enabled web sites for instance, and Articulate could also be enabled to import H5P content the same way it imports images and other content so that H5Ps may be used inside Articulate. This way we could combine the power of Articulate and H5P.

Imagine a professional content developer who creates high end e-learning content and sends it to a customer. After a few weeks the content needs a tiny update because some facts have changed. Now if this was H5P content the customer would just browse to the content with his web browser and change that piece of text himself right a way. A definitive win for the customer and for Articulate.

Vanya Loroch

Yes, that wold be absolutely awesome.
I have used Articulate, which I love, to build interactive videos. It works great except the that timeline where I place the triggers is not connected to the timeline of the movie. In other words, when streaming the video over the web, if the clip stops (to load the buffer in a slow connection), the triggers and the video are desynchronised.  And that's spells failure...


A little late to the party.

I use both Articulate Storyline 2 and H5P. Both are autoring tools and from my own experience they aim at a diferent needs and distinct markets.  

H5P is a tool that creates learning objects in html5 capable of displaying in any device. Articulate Storyline does the same and more. SL2 can handle variables and many other kinds of triggers, H5P not yet.

H5P is free, SL2 is not.  SL2 is a standalone sofware that can be used offline while creating content and even can publish to a CD to use offline or online, can publish to html5, etc.  H5P works online only.

The only way that I can integrate H5P and SL2 is inserting it like a WebObject but see no use since the same interactions can be developed in Storyline. 

H5P is a plugin that can be used with WordPress, Drupal and Moodle online; can not be used to create content offline. I´m sure the guys at H5P would love to see what can be done with their plugin but I see no use since both authoring tools aim at diferent customers, H5P to the open source community and Articulate to enterprise customers. 

Lastly, like I said before, (or wrote) many activities that H5P creates, can also be developed with Storyline, like quizes, multiple choice, hotspot, ans so on. Even the "Course Presentation" interaction in H5P resembles the PowerPoint interface. So, if yo need to create a tiny object H5P would do it; but if you need to creat a great project or course then you need to think bigger. 

Victoria Burroughes

Hi, I use SL360 and am about to start investigating using H5P too.

My understanding was that I could embed H5P into my SL scorm package and send XAPI data to my LRS. Is this correct?

Also, I though that using H5P interactions on a video would solve the issue I have with the timeline on a video in storyline messing up when buffering etc and not matching the timings of the interactions.

Do you have any thoughts on this?



Hello Emma. xAPI is a very interesting technology that is here to stay.   I still do not understand completely it and due to my age may never do.. But, yes, H5P can send xAPI statements to your LMS or LRS like you mentioned but you or your IT guys will have to do the coding so your LMS or LRS will read those statements about human behaviour. 

H5P offers a small tutorial on how to do this but for me sounds like chinnesse language. https://h5p.org/documentation/x-api