ArtiGaming - Using Articulate Storyline to create simple games

Hi All,

We are using Articulate Storyline to create simple games, something we call as "ArtiGaming".

Please go through our blog and experience ArtiGaming :

In case there are other enthusiasts, we would like to grow this concept together.

Kindly share your feedbacks, valuable comments.



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Stratbeans C

This was my first post in the community, which a person writes with a bit of awe ! Nicholas, your warm welcome surely makes me feel welcome to the community. 

Coming to your questions:

You are right vGamify is a young company in the space of Gamification and Game Design.

What I am looking for is to spark a discussion on basic game development using Articulate Storyline. I am sure there would be people in community who would be interested in this concept and would come up with new ideas.  

What we want to contribute further on, is to share tips/tricks/tutorial on how vGamify team solved some of the problems while creating ArtiGames. There would be more blogs posts, which we will keep sharing.

Like any new initiative it would have its own flaw, I am looking forward to your review and of other team members on the following blog article  and games

Blog Article : ArtiGaming and CaptiGaming

Game #1 : Xmas Bling

Game #2: Old Bones

Game#3: Master Chef

Thanks !