As a new consultant, do I need an LMS with Storyline 360?

Hopefully I will get a response on this, need info soon!


I currently have Storyline 2 and am considering an upgrade to 360. As a (very) new consultant, money is an issue. I have a job coming up where I will need to create the course as well as track who has taken the course, their email address and company name, completion date, pass/fail, etc. 

If I don't purchase an LMS at this time, what type of information can I track within Storyline 360 or Scorm Cloud, then export to an Excel file? 

If I do decide to purchase an LMS, what are some of the best low-cost options?    I am an independent consultant just starting out. So paying $250+/month is not an option. 

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Christy Tucker

SCORM Cloud might give you enough reporting data. How many users will you have? Will you only have one course? SCORM Cloud is free if you'll only have 10 users, but if you have 200 you can probably find something cheaper elsewhere.

Moodle is technically a free LMS, but it can take a LOT of time and customization to get it working the way you want. Right now, you probably have more time than money, so this might be a viable option. It's not my first choice for corporate learning though.

A better option might be to look at the Wordpress LMS plugins, LearnDash and LifterLMS. You can get both of those systems up and running with a few paid plugins for under $500/year. 

Check out this list of options too.

Christy Tucker

David, I'm doing Storyline courses in LearnDash with a client now. However, we're just using them as embedded web objects and letting learners mark themselves complete manually. We're not doing the xAPI tracking. That's on the road map for the long term, but we're not there yet.

I have heard from some others that the xAPI tracking in LifterLMS is easier than LearnDash. If that tracking is important, I would definitely look at LifterLMS too.

David Tait

Thanks Christy, I've looked at LearnDash previously but didn't go with it as it required additional third-party plugins to enable me to launch a course in it's own window, I just didn't feel comfortable with the number of vendors involved. I'll definitely keep an eye on its development though as a WordPress-based LMS is an interesting proposition.