Asking green screen tips to video experts

Our department decided to use grant money for purchasing green screen from the following site.

Could you share any tip to use green screen? I have been using Premiere pro, and After effect from my personal interest. Yet, I did not use Green Screen stuff before.

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Bob S

Hi Sammy,

Not sure what sorts of tips you are looking for, but if it includes your physical set-up/studio, here a couple...

* 5 point lighting is better than 3 point if you have the space.  With three point lighting (key, fill, back/halo) you can create shadows on your green screen that make it harder to get a clean key in post. 5 point adds two more lights that evenly "wash" the green screen making it appear more consistent and allowing a cleaner key.

* Consider using a magenta gel on your halo/back light. It will visually pull your subject off the green background - again making a cleaner more professional looking key.

* Wrinkles are no fun to key out. If you have the space, consider painting one wall in chroma key paint instead of dealing with a green drape. Rosco's version of this paint will allow you to get a nice even color. AND as a side benefit you will have a bigger screen to work with than you might otherwise - great for action shots or two actor shoots.  (NOTE:  You may still want curtains that can be pulled to cover the green for non chroma key shoots).

* For keying, remember to record in the highest resolution possible .... THEN down-convert after you've pulled a key and done your other post production work. It will look far more natural that way.

* While many/most NLEs (non-linear editors) have chroma key functions built in, you may want to consider specialized plug-ins that work with your NLE software. This is one of the great advantages of working with industry standard software as plugs-ins can make your world a whole lot easier and yield great results for low cost.

Hope these help and good luck!