Assesment example which showcases functionality available


We've got a lot of SMEs that are locked into the old MCQ format as that's all they know.  We'd like to produce an example assessment that showcases the different question formats that are available to them to expand their horizons and spark some ideas.

Before we get started on building this I thought I'd check to make sure we're not reinventing the wheel and something doesn't already exist. I've had a search and could find some focused examples eg branching assessment but nothing that has everything (I might be asking for too much!).

If anyone can share any links or point me in the rights direction I'd be grateful.



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Veronica Nalley

Hi Wendy, 

Are you using Storyline 360? If so, my first stop would be the template library! Clicking either/both of the options outlined in red below will hopefully jump start you in building a "sampler platter" of all the possibilities. 


Screenshot - where to find question templates

If you've decided that's a no-go, don't hesitate to reply to me on here, and I'll see if I can't brainstorm a little more with you. 

Happy question building. :)