Assessing Learners

Sep 09, 2015


I am looking for some advice.  I have been asked to find a solution that will allow us to assess managers on different competencies and then have an automatic recommendation of course/content/curricula.    Has anyone ever done this before?  

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Jason Reed

Hi Elizabeth,

Could you provide more information?

It sounds like the situation would be: depending on how a manager answers a series of questions, their outcome would determine the recommendation?

So for example, if I answer correctly to question 1, 3 & 6, I get a specific course recommendation, whereas if I'd answered different questions correctly, I'd get another recommendation?

If you're using storyline, it could be done by creating some variables that show different layers on a results slide, depending on how they answered.

Bob S


Have you checked out what your LMS is capable of ?  Most full fledged LMS platforms today allow for different automated  enrollment criteria.... including automatic triggers based on passing other courses and/or job profiles. 

Have you considered not trying to build this functionality into Storyline, and instead create shell course(s) that when passed (or not) trigger your enrollments into other content?

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