Assessment Check Points

Nov 03, 2014

I'm working on a soft skills course with several modules. Throughout the training I will have knowledge checks but I will also have scenarios for them to type in their thoughts/feedback. The problem I run into is that once I publish the course and offer it in our LMS it won't show me what feedback was written, just that it's done. Any ideas how to export this data? I want to use it in a follow-up classroom training. Thanks!

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Douglas Spencer

It is possible to submit a questionnaire result to your LMS. Oddly, quizzes do not have this function. This link explains how to do it

Another complicated method is to use JavaScript to concatenate your variables into a web address that launches when the module is closed. The web address can be used to enter data into a web based survey. I've successful done this method before but IT folks helped get the data into the online survey.

An easier method, but probably not what you are looking for, could be to use a print function so that each learner would be instructed to print a slide to PDF that contains their feedback. They could then send that PDF to you.

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